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BOCA Walk-in Tubs creates high-quality walk-in bathtubs in the USA. With the most unique design in the world, the Diamond Elite bath tub allows for the lowest, safe-step threshold and the greatest variety of walk-in tub features in the market. BOCA Walk-inTubs provide all the features and options available for walk in bathtubs today, including heated hydrotherapy - whirlpool and soothing water jet therapies, non-slip surfaces, grab bars, ergonomic faucets, latches, and controls, easy to use hand shower access, chromatherapy, and more... backed by a Lifetime Warranty, which is the longest in the industry. Call today for more information.

BOCA Walk-In Tubs, are custom-built walk-in bath tubs that have the lowest step-in height of any other product: Only 0-2 1/2 inches. While most walk-in tubs have a 6-9" step-in, our BOCA's proprietary frameless design allows them to produce safe tubs that offer a much lower step-in height.

Custom Designs, Useful Features

BOCA Tubs come in various sizes and, because they are created from custom designs, they can be made to fit bathrooms of any size and shape. BOCA Tubs have a host of available features and options, like Aromatherapy and Ozone Cleaning, that can be customized to suit your individual bathing needs.

Easy-Lock Doors, Leak Proof Designs

BOCA Tubs are designed with an easy-to-use latch and a well-made door seal is backed a Leak Proof Guarantee.

Comfort-Curve Door Design

This special door design allows for easy closing from a sitting position.

Self Cleaning System

BOCA Tubs are built with an automatic system that dries out the lines each time a tub is used, preventing mold and mildew growth.

Mold, Mildew and Bacteria-Resistant Finish

BOCA bath tubs are coated in a glossy, Marine Grade finish that lends BOCA tubs a gorgeous shine while resisting bacterial growth.

Anti-Slip Features

Featuring an ADA compliant 17" high seat and slip-resistant floor, BOCA tubs are easy to sit and move in and out. The seats offer an adjustable Bidet jet option.

Quick Draining

BOCA Walk-in Tubs are designed to drain in 2-2 1/2 minutes. The effectiveness may vary depending on the quality of the plumbing system in the home in which the bath tub is installed.

Optional Water Purification System

BOCA Tub owners may elect to include the Ozone Water Purification System, which is designed to remove harmful bacteria from the water.

Hydrotherapy Jetting

BOCA walk-in bath tubs can be designed to include 18 hydro air jets, 10 water jets, or a custom combination. There are usually installed around the seat back, but the positioning can be customized.


Tub Maintenance is easy because the front panels of BOCA tubs are removable.

Tub Sizes

30" x 51" x 36" Standard*

30" x 47" x 36" Petite I

30" x 51" x 40" DeepSoaker

26" x 51" x 36" Petite II

32" x 56" x 36" XL

32" x 56" x 40" SuperSoaker

32" x 62" x 36" Dual Seat - 2 Person Tub



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