Will my insurance pay for the item I need?
Insurances are different, but most have deductibles and co-pays. Unless you have secondary insurance or have exceeded your deductibles and co-pays, you probably will have some expense.

What is the meaning of in-network or out-of-network?
Your provider needs to be in-network with your insurance carrier. Usually out-of-network benefits will not be fully covered and you will have a higher copay.

Can I rent equipment on my own?
Medi-Source Home Medical Inc. rents equipment weekly or monthly, and we can accommodate your needs.

What is the meaning of capped rental?
This is a term for rent to own. Your insurance will rent the equipment for you and cap the rental after a period of months at which time you will own the equipment.

Why do I have a deductible or a copay?
Most insurance companies do not pay 100% of the claim, as is the case with Medicare. Medicare pays 80% of the allowable; this means the remaining 20% is your responsibility unless you have secondary insurance.

Will my secondary insurance pay when my primary only pays a portion?
Usually the secondary will pick up where the primary stops, but secondary policies also have deductibles that have to be met.

I have a Medicare Advantage plan, what is this?
Medicare Advantage plan is a name for private insurance plans that are authorized to offer Medicare like plans. If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, you do not have Medicare.