Hoyer Lift Rentals in Marietta, GA

Caretaker preparing to transfer elderly patient with a manual patient lift

Patient Lift Rentals

If the time has come to consider investing in a patient lift, but you don’t want to break the bank, why not consider a rental instead? Here at Medi-Source Home Medical Equipment & Supplies, we’re proud to offer many options for you to choose from, including Hoyer patient lift rentals. Keep reading to learn more about the various patient lifts we carry.

You’ll be pleased to learn that each rental also comes with a patient lift sling. Whether you have limited mobility as a result of an injury or you’re recovering from a major procedure, a patient lift rental will be especially helpful. This device is built to lift and transfer patients from one place to another. Depending on your needs and your environment, there are various models to choose from. Some examples include sit-to-stand lifts and manual or electric hospital lifts.

Hoyer Stand-up lift

Stand-Up Lifts

A stand assist lift is beneficial to patients who still have some level of mobility and coordination. This model works by helping patients transition from a standing position to a sitting position or vice versa with ease. It offers a supportive design that promotes a natural transition between the two positions. This patient lift rental is ideal for users who are going through rehabilitation and need a bit of help to maintain their sense of independence.

The weekly rate for a Stand-Up Lift is $125 and monthly rate is $195 with a $350 refundable security deposit.

Hoyer electric lift

Hoyer Electric Lifts

As for the electric models, these lifts are either powered by a rechargeable battery or electricity. The good news is that there is no physical exertion required to utilize this patient lift rental. It’s operated through a remote control for a smoother lifting process that often provides a higher weight capacity. If there’s a power failure, a manual back-up is available.

The weekly rate for a Power Hoyer Lift is $125 and monthly rate is $195 with a $350 refundable security deposit.

Hoyer Manual hydraulic Lift

Manual Hoyer Lifts

The final option you can consider is a manual lift, which is hydraulic. This makes it easier on the caregiver and lessens the weight they have to move during the lifting process. This patient lift rental is ideal for those who are on a strict budget. It’s also a good choice when there is no access to a power source. Not to mention the fact that it’s nice not having to worry about finding an external power source or charging a battery to use the device.

The weekly rate for a manual hoyer lift is $65 and monthly rate is $99 with a $135 refundable security deposit.

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