Knee Walker Rentals in Marietta, GA


Knee Walker Rentals

There are many situations that occur unexpectedly and leave you in dire need of medical equipment. Who wants to shell out a ton of money to buy a piece of medical equipment you’re only going to need for a short amount of time? Fortunately, at Medi-Source Home Medical Equipment & Supplies, we offer various rental options to customers in need. We know the importance of having access to affordable short-term rentals, which is we strive to offer as many as possible, such as knee walkers. There are many beneficial uses to enjoy with a knee walker, such as aiding in recovery from surgery, sprains, breaks, and amputations of the foot. In addition, knee walkers make a great substitute for crutches, which can become painful to use over time. Another key advantage is that most knee walkers are easily adjustable without the need for tools. You’ll also find that many models are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Enjoy the improved stability that knee walkers offer, which promotes a comfortable, pain-free experience.

When you’re ready to check out knee walker rentals, give us a call or stop by Medi-Source Home Medical Equipment & Supplies today! We’re conveniently located in Marietta, GA near Atlanta and would love to help you find the rental that’s right for you. You can easily rent a knee walker from us on a weekly or even monthly basis.

Weekly rate is $45 and monthly rate is $75 with a $75 refundable security deposit.

Simply return it to us when you’re done and you’ll be happy to know you saved a lot of money by choosing to go with a knee walker rental.