Standard and Power Wheelchairs


Standard & Power Wheelchairs

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When you need to rely on a mobility aid to get around, it’s essential that you choose one that’s going to serve you best. Therefore, the first step in choosing a mobility aid is learning about the different options that are available to you. Medi-Source Home Medical, Inc. has got you covered. We’re here to inform you of the main differences between standard wheelchairs and power wheelchairs so you can narrow down your options.

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Standard Wheelchairs

Standard, or manual, wheelchairs are a common choice because they’re fairly easy to transport, there are minimal moving parts involved, batteries are not required for operation, and the wheelchair user can usually be lifted up the steps while remaining in the chair, if needed. You should keep in mind that while these chairs are easy to use, they do require a fair amount of strength and balance. In addition, wear and tear will inevitably occur after repeated use. It’s also much more difficult to travel longer distances and up slopes in a standard wheelchair.

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Power Wheelchairs

Power wheelchairs, on the other hand, don’t require a certain level of strength to operate and it’s easier to travel long distances without tiring. These machines are equipped with different drivetrains so that the user can take advantage of different settings depending on what type of terrain they frequently cover in their wheelchair. There is also an option for recline and tilt, which is an excellent addition for pressure relief. Remember that power wheelchairs are very heavy and can be harder to transport. There’s also a higher need for maintenance, which includes the fact that batteries are required for operation and must be charged for use. This option is also the more expensive choice.

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